The thing about logos

Logo fever

So your thinking about making a logo? Maybe it’s your first one or a redesign. I know it’s exciting and quite frankly, fun to tackle whether with a consultant, a design firm or using Fiverr. Things you may want consider before you go the new logo route.

  1. Logo detail. A few years back, I did a logo for a small construction firm. The wanted a ruler with lines it. Like the actual tick marks on it. You got to present your topic in a general way. Like the new KFC logo. It has the general look of Colonel Sanders. Back to the ruler logo, once you reduce it onto a business card, you loose the ruler detail and looks like a small mess.
  2. Keep to 1 to 3 colors. Less is better. When choosing colors, it’s a fun process, but make sure they complement each other. Also, the colors are so far out there like bright neon with a neutral color. Also old school printers and screen printers can charge more by each additional color.
  3. With the final product, make sure you get a copy of the original logo files. I run into this a lot and it’s not uncommon. These business owners and organization leaders sometimes don’t even know who created the logos. One of my non-profits I worked for didn’t even know who created their logo. The truth revealed itself when another client of mine was upset their college-aged child never received recognition or compensation for their work. However, they still have the logo original files and the copyright.
  4. Copyright. Make sure you get the copyright. The original creator can always comeback and rightfully get upset about lack of recognition and compensation. Imagine driving in a city and seeing your work on the city’s new water tower? This gets a little sticky, so get full rights to use your logo.
  5. Consider the big cost picture. If you do a new logo, you may have to print new business cards, car decals, and signs. You may have to update websites, social media and advertising. So the new shiny designs’ costs goes beyond just paying the designer. Be mindful before you get a new logo.

When creating your new logo, keep it simple and keep the original files. Most of all, have fun creating it.


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