Time to have some fun.

We are going to blog. We are going to blog.

We have been around for about 2 decades. Can you believe it? It’s crazy. Time goes pretty fast. Lots changed in the web world. Back in 1999, we were developing in Microsoft Frontpage. Today? We went from Joomla, Drupal to WordPress. Some folks just use Facebook or Instagram for their web presence. Amazing! Just make sure you’re online. We have clients who don’t have a website and use all social media. And guess what? It works. Make sure communicate, communicate, communicate. Get your presence out there. What works for a corporation would not entirely work for a one-person business. So if a firm preaches what you need. Just stop. Wait a minute and see what others are doing in your industry with a similar size. Then copy them. If the formula works, do it.


Welcome to our Underground Lair

Mattison Web is a professional Website Design and Internet Marketing firm located near Des Moines, Iowa. We provide fully customized Internet solutions to make your brand succeed while maintaining an eye-catching design and the necessary functionality.

Whether your website requires e-commerce functionality, content management, dazzling Flash animation, high-volume information management, and more. Our specialized team of designers, programmers, and marketing specialists, each an expert in his or her own field, will handle your project from start to finish. From design to development, from coding to marketing, whether you are going live or going to print, their work is custom fit to your marketing requirements.

Professional Internet solutions to complex problems

Work with a team of professional website designers who understand your company and your company goals. Mattison Web works well for both small and large business sizes because we are better able to understand those needs. We believe in providing our clients with the tools and pre-planned web strategies that are crucial for success. We help grow business or simply make sure they achieve their online website design goals.

Due to the close relationship with our clients, along with our custom graphic and web site design services, we are among the trusted companies in Iowa when it comes to professional website design. We provide answers to developmental questions that clients may not think to ask and provide constant updates so that they have a full understanding of what phase their design project is in.

A web design firm with a personal touch

Mattison Web is a website development & online marketingfirm located in Pleasant Hill, Iowa. We create solutions that bring clients measurable results to help grow their business and enhance their brand.Our designs are unique and functional. We create websites that look great and are useful to a client’s business needs.

CUSTOMIZED: We think outside of the box to bring you results. We make sure you succeed with solutions tailored to best suit your needs and make you stand-out from the competition.

PRO-ACTIVE: Our team members provide you with solutions before problems arise. We give you personal attention, immediate feed-back and suggestions to enhance usability, features and marketing results.

RESULTS-DRIVEN: Our team members create designs and develop solutions that are not only eye-catching and useful: they bring your business the results you need and a positive ROI.Mattison Web was created in April 2001 to provide our clients with professional, customized solutions to suit their specific business requirements at affordable rates. Mattisonweb is a web-based company that provides the correct strategies and solutiions for our client companies all across the United States. We strive and continue to build long-lasting relations with clients, year after year.

SEO’s are sooo ’90’s!!

Remember when Search Engine Optimization was the rage?   For some businesses, it’s still a very important factor in SE rankings.  But seriously, who afford it or have time to learn it?  At Mattison Web, we offer it, but there’s a better and cheaper way: blogs.  Blogs are wonderful.  You can write anytime, anyday.  More activity to your blog, the more recognition for your business or organization.

Don’t limit yourself to blogs.  Facebook, mySpace, YouTube are just a couple of social media tools powerful enough to get you more recognition than the 15 minutes of fame on any reality show.  Ever heard of Obama Girl?  I am sure you have.  Just remember, YOU won Time Magazine’s person of the year in ’06!

Don’t ignore your audience. Inform them.

Recently, a client and I were at a huge Des Moines social function and ran into someone I knew.  Quite a nice person, said Hello, and immediately went to start chatting with new other folks without any other chit-chat with no further introductions.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  However, that’s leaving little information about that person and closing off anymore lines of communication.  That left the person I was with confused, ignored and lost interest with this old aquantence. 

If we ignore our websites, neglect our blogs, the will be no more audience to be curious to learn more about you, your business, and company.  There could have been further business and great networking opportunities in the future.  So, update your websites, blogs, adversting materials and other media.  That’s the same as ignoring your audience.


Today I met Mike Sansone from Converstations!!! Real fun and interesting person.  Mike has a lot of great ideas for blogging content.  The guy knows about communities and communicating.  Visit his site at converstations.com.

In our chat, he mentioned about ever-changing technology and communication.  It’s like rearranging furniture!  That’s right, furniture.  We all need a new look and new feng shui.  Do I interior design well??  No.  But help is always available.  If you want a great blog coach, contact Mike.  For Interior Design, call bybrookeinteriors.com  (I have been banned from interior decorating since the 1990’s.  Family and friends had an intervention back then.  Quite funny.  I had to get rid of my horse-shoe book shelf.)


Mr. Blackwell’s list

Ever heard of Mr. Blackwell’s list?     He’s the person once a year that has both a worst and best dressed list.  Now, not all of us are celebrities, but landing on those lists could be a reflection a person’s success.  Take for example bad list honoree Paris Hilton.  She’s an heir to a huge hotel yet what has she really done besides being famous for being famous?  (Also to add the time in jail and partying).  I bet she’s a really nice person, yet wouldn’t be high on my list to lead in a serious major motion picture.

Reese Witherspoon was on the best dressed list and look what she has accomplished: an oscar and many get roles to play.  Looks like she has gotten it together.  Wouldn’t you like to be seen as put together as a business?  In graphic design, a professional design piece speaks volumes about an organization.  If it’s done right off the copier reprinted over and over, what’s the future client or customer to think?  My point exactly.

Burr! It’s cold out there!!!

How cold it is.  Winter is still here but not much changes.  There is something to be said about Spring coming up and summer just around the corner.  One thing you might want to think about?  Updating your website!!!  Yes.  Some websites have information out there since 1998.  No kidding.  The search engines love new stuff.  I love new stuff.  I love to shop.  Anyway, getting off track here, websites need to be changed frequently for the SEO to pick it up.  If not, it will be like last years fashion craze, gone.  Remember shoulder pads???  Nuff said. 

Hello everyone!

922920___bulb__.jpgWe just survived another annual dinner with the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce. We had fun and casino night was even funner. They celebrated the 20th anniversary for the Chamber.

Wow, just read on Cnn.com that John Edwards is dropping out the presidential campaign. Well, may the best person win.

It’s really cold out there. Hope everyone is on their computers surfing the web. If you got some favorite websites, send them our way. We would love to hear your opinions on them.