Additional Services

Other stuff we offer

User Experience & Interaction Design

Most don’t put much thought into user experience… until something doesn’t work. Bad user experiences are all around us. We concentrate on creating invisible design solutions that simply allow visitors access to the experience without encountering any unnecessary or burdensome obstacles. Similarly, our design directions and treatments are concentrated on showcasing the brands we work with in the most appropriate light.

Usability and online brand experience audits User research, persona creation, user scenarios Information architecture, user experience planning Visual and interaction design

Benefits User Experience Design services: Increased satisfaction, ease of use for site visitors Cohesiveness, alignment with brand values, messaging Enhanced understanding of audience needs and expectations Adaptable architecture solutions allowing scalability

Media Search Consulting

The internet is major in business these days, and being seen is everything. Nothing says “you’ve made it!” like showing up on the first page of a Google search, and media search consultants can make that happen. Armed with search engine knowledge, a good media search consultant finds clever keywords and the right ways to drive up traffic and take your website to the top (of search engine ranking)!

Social Media Management

Social media is the new 30. Get it? It started with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and has expanded to many other platforms. Organizations need social media management to oversee their online communities and enhance/protect the company brand.

Website Testing

Yeah, we sure do that. Make sure the site works on mobile, tablet, pc and all that jazz. Plus more.

Integrated Digital Media

Once, media outlets mostly worked independently: newspapers, film reels, glossy magazines were all completely separate entities. With the internet boom, businesses and organizations must know how to harness the power of multimedia, working with photography, video, sound and written word to create a well-rounded picture of events that will stimulate the average media-saturated mind.


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