We create solutions to your business needs.

At Mattisonweb, we work closely with our clients to ensure that a project is successful. We provide continual feedback and suggestions that will enhance both the usability of the site and its marketing prowess. We understand your business may grow and change, and every site we build is on a flexible platform so it can grow and change with your company goals.

PLANNING We make a Specification Document to serve as a blue print for development. It will include the sitemap (types and number of pages), calls to action, messaging, functionality, target audience and goals of the website.

DESIGN We create custom, professionally designed mock-ups of the homepage (and sub-page(s) if needed) to determine the look and feel the customer is looking for. The designs are presented for your review and feedback. Any edits that you would like are done immediately. After edits are completed and you have approved them, we move forward to the next phase.

DEVELOPMENT Any flash graphics and/or back-end database work is started should it be required. All work is professionally formatted according to W3 standards. During production, we will give you updates and give suggestions to enhance the end result.

QUALITY CHECK We test on all Internet Browsers and go through the site. With the client, we check for correct images and text before going live.

ECOMMERCE If you aren’t selling online, you’re missing out. If you need some help, call us. We’re here to help.



One comment

  1. yo · January 30, 2008

    yo dude, so are you advertising that you can do blogs for people? pretty good…I think you need to online scrapbooks for people too.

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