Hacked website? Don’t panic. How to prevent it as a small business owner.

One of many screens in the internet world indicating a hacked website.

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Inventory, sales, payroll, accounting, expenses, and taking care of your customers. The least thing you want to deal with is a hacked website. Yes, I have had dealt with my share of compromised sites and yes, it’s a pain. As a web person, you have to look through the code, files and countless hours spent on the phone with your web host. It’s hours that could have been applied to the bottom line: running your business.

Do hackers care? No. Most of the time, they just release some malware hoping it will take down a few sites or even a big network. For yourself, it’s an unwelcomed headache and nobody wins. But it’s unfortunately has been a part of the internet world for the past few years.

A solution? Get a simple turnkey website though major webhosts like Godaddy, WIX or WordPress. With the websites getting so complicated these days, you need something fairly simple that will show up on a computer, tablet and phone with ease. Let’s take WordPress for example. It’s starter plan is free and the price goes up from there. Now you can spend thousands on a site developed by a web firm, but with technology so advanced, do you really want to put in 2 to 6 months to wait for it to go live? There’s also the security issue. If the website does go down, the web professional do have back ups and it will go live again immediately. So it’s really a no brainer. These big corporate firms have people working 24/7 to keep the sites up. When working with a smaller firm or consultant, you would have to track them down and basically, they have a part of your business riding on the palm of their hands. They are competent people, but it’s the lag time that’s the hardest to handle.

Many small businesses and organizations are going to this model. It’s still perfectly fine to work with a professional to set the site up, but make sure you have all the usernames, passwords to get on the site. Also make sure you have the website and domain directed to one of your businesses’ emails.

Also, with the simple website, you only need to get your business information out there. You do not need a lot if any fancy plugins and 3rd party add-ons. That slows a site down and you risk more opportunities for hacking. At the end of the day, it’s one less worry on your business plate and more time to help your customers.


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