Frugal Internet Marketing During the Pandemic

With all the shut downs, recommendations of places to avoid, and WFH office style, how does one market themselves? Two main cheap ways: word of mouth and internet marketing. Word of mouth will always be best because others are marketing for you based on past work for them or you just plain know them. Because everyone has a friend who can do something, right?

Social media options: pick your appropriate platforms.

Social distancing, quarantine, shut down, it’s all the new normal for know. We must adapt to stay afloat. In all reality, technology is really saving our butts in regards to education, socializing, health care, entertainment and doing business. I remember back in January 2020, moms at this get together would scream a their kids to get off their electronic devices, now it’s part of their daily routine, plus more. We must adapt technology with our business marketing instead.

For now, networking meetings are out. Handshakes: out. Big company luncheons: out. So must turn to the internet for business survival help. Yes, social media mainly. However, social media, as you know, is not a one size fits all. So true. But it’s free. It does take time and time is money. Pick your social medias wisely and be consistent. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole and spend hours upon hours with social media.

One thing is certain: the business still needs to be running and money must be flowing in. Explore your social media and internet options and see which is a good fit for your business. Have a presence, but really concentrate on 1 to 2 social medias whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There are many more out there, but use your time wisely and try to get on these platforms at least once a week. More is better. But internet market within the time parameters of your business.


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