SEO’s are sooo ’90’s!!

Remember when Search Engine Optimization was the rage?   For some businesses, it’s still a very important factor in SE rankings.  But seriously, who afford it or have time to learn it?  At Mattison Web, we offer it, but there’s a better and cheaper way: blogs.  Blogs are wonderful.  You can write anytime, anyday.  More activity to your blog, the more recognition for your business or organization.

Don’t limit yourself to blogs.  Facebook, mySpace, YouTube are just a couple of social media tools powerful enough to get you more recognition than the 15 minutes of fame on any reality show.  Ever heard of Obama Girl?  I am sure you have.  Just remember, YOU won Time Magazine’s person of the year in ’06!

Don’t ignore your audience. Inform them.

Recently, a client and I were at a huge Des Moines social function and ran into someone I knew.  Quite a nice person, said Hello, and immediately went to start chatting with new other folks without any other chit-chat with no further introductions.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  However, that’s leaving little information about that person and closing off anymore lines of communication.  That left the person I was with confused, ignored and lost interest with this old aquantence. 

If we ignore our websites, neglect our blogs, the will be no more audience to be curious to learn more about you, your business, and company.  There could have been further business and great networking opportunities in the future.  So, update your websites, blogs, adversting materials and other media.  That’s the same as ignoring your audience.