Mr. Blackwell’s list

Ever heard of Mr. Blackwell’s list?     He’s the person once a year that has both a worst and best dressed list.  Now, not all of us are celebrities, but landing on those lists could be a reflection a person’s success.  Take for example bad list honoree Paris Hilton.  She’s an heir to a huge hotel yet what has she really done besides being famous for being famous?  (Also to add the time in jail and partying).  I bet she’s a really nice person, yet wouldn’t be high on my list to lead in a serious major motion picture.

Reese Witherspoon was on the best dressed list and look what she has accomplished: an oscar and many get roles to play.  Looks like she has gotten it together.  Wouldn’t you like to be seen as put together as a business?  In graphic design, a professional design piece speaks volumes about an organization.  If it’s done right off the copier reprinted over and over, what’s the future client or customer to think?  My point exactly.

Burr! It’s cold out there!!!

How cold it is.  Winter is still here but not much changes.  There is something to be said about Spring coming up and summer just around the corner.  One thing you might want to think about?  Updating your website!!!  Yes.  Some websites have information out there since 1998.  No kidding.  The search engines love new stuff.  I love new stuff.  I love to shop.  Anyway, getting off track here, websites need to be changed frequently for the SEO to pick it up.  If not, it will be like last years fashion craze, gone.  Remember shoulder pads???  Nuff said.