Hello everyone!

922920___bulb__.jpgWe just survived another annual dinner with the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce. We had fun and casino night was even funner. They celebrated the 20th anniversary for the Chamber.

Wow, just read on Cnn.com that John Edwards is dropping out the presidential campaign. Well, may the best person win.

It’s really cold out there. Hope everyone is on their computers surfing the web. If you got some favorite websites, send them our way. We would love to hear your opinions on them.

Hello world…again!

Here it is. 2008 and yet I am on another diet! It’s good. It’s healthy. 2008 will be a kick-cool year. Mattison Web is getting out there. We are offering Graphic Design. Yep, business cards, brochures, manuals, folder…yeah, all that good stuff.

Now, I spent many years in school playing music. So, branding is big in business. So, we borrowed one from Garth Brooks and Huey Lewis remake of the 1980’s “Working for a Livin’.” Garth is a fun guy. Huey is cool. So are we. Enjoy the video!!!